Sophie White


Sophie is an experienced veterinary surgeon with a Masters Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour. She is an ABTC registered Veterinary Behaviourist & Clinical Animal Behaviourst, a full member of the APBC and an Elite Fear Free Professional.

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Sophie has a breadth of experience dealing with all sorts of animals from her time in clinical practice but has a particular soft spot for dogs.

After completing her Masters Degree she spent a year working in the behaviour team at Dogs Trust gaining invaluable hands on experience.

She believes that all animals deserve quality veterinary care and is determined to help those animals whose current behaviour

prevents them accessing this.  

Sophie's other area of particular interest is animals who display human directed aggression. Currently living with a dog who has aggressive tendencies she can relate to the huge strain it puts on a family but can also attest to the fact there is hope, and these animals can be helped. 

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Sophie's Boys - Ted & Elvis 

Core Beliefs

Regarding Clients 

  • Clients should be treated with empathy & respect. 

  • No one should be judged on their past actions but on their willingness to make changes and do the best for the animal in their care.

  • Clients should be empowered to make lasting changes, not to become reliant on our services.

  • Transparency about prognosis and risk is essential. 

Regarding Patients  

  • Animal welfare will always be our number one priority. 

  • No animal should intentionally be subject to aversive techniques, punishment or negative reinforcement. 

  • All training plans should utilise positive reinforcement. 

  • No animal should be forced or coerced into doing anything unless it is essential for it's immediate welfare & safety. 

  • An animal's behaviour has no influence on it's inherent worth, value or right to a happy life. 

  • An animal's right to have it's own preferences & the ability to express these should be respected. 

  • We will endeavour to maintain our knowledge and skill to enable us to use current scientifically proven techniques.