Sophie White

Hello, I'm Sophie. I am a veterinary surgeon with over a decade of clinical experience, and the founder of  Veterinary Behaviour Support. As well as a degree in veterinary medicine I have a Masters Degree in Clinical Animal Behaviour

and am on the Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC) board of trustees.  


I'm a full member of the APBC and am registered as an ABTC Veterinary Behaviourist

& Clinical Animal Behaviourist.  To find out more about these organisations click on the logos at the bottom of the page. 


I have wide ranging experience dealing with all sorts of animals from my time in clinical practice but I have a particular soft spot for dogs. After completing my Masters Degree I spent a year working in the behaviour team at Dogs Trust gaining invaluable hands on experience.

My areas of particular interest are animals who display human directed aggression, those who struggle with accessing veterinary care and cases involving chronic pain. Prior to moving into the behaviour field I provided acupuncture and soft tissue massage to my patients and I have a keen interest in pain management.


Currently living with a dog who has aggressive tendencies and another who struggles with chronic pain I can relate to the huge strain such issues can put on a family but can also attest to the fact there is hope,

and these animals can be helped. 

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Sophie's Boys - Ted & Elvis 

Why choose Veterinary Behaviour Support?

The fact you have found yourself here, reading this, means it is very likely that you feel in need of help,

and you're ready to reach out and ask for it.

I am here to help your human and animal family live together happily and safely, to ensure your pet can live their best life and finally help you understand why they behave the way they do. It won't be a quick fix, there will likely be ups and downs along the way, but you can be reassured that you will be supported throughout our time working together.  

I am not in the business of telling you what you have to do, unless there is a genuine welfare or safety concern. Instead my aim is to help you make informed decisions about what is right for you and your pet. To change an animal's behaviour, the first step is often changing the behaviour of the people around them. To do that I need to understand your beliefs, family dynamics and environment just as much as I need to learn about your pet.


I am lucky to have developed a huge breadth of experience working with people and animals from many different walks of life and cultural backgrounds during my time in veterinary practice and the charity sector. Regardless of your views or previous choices you will be treated with respect and compassion, as will your pet. 


Your pet won't be disappointed with your choice either... I firmly believe in force free, fear free methods, rooted in up to date scientific research. Each animal will be respected as an individual and have their welfare carefully addressed; ensuring their physiological, emotional and behavioural needs are met throughout the behavioural modification process.