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What is 'Behavioural Assessment & Modification'?

 The first step on trying to resolve any behavioural issue is to define it, objectively and in detail. Once it has been ascertained what the problem looks like the next step is understanding why it is occurring.

To do this I consider underlying emotions and motivations, the animal's history and environment.

It is also essential to consider any possible medical issues that could be contributing to the behaviours of concern. 

Hopefully we will now understand what the problem is and why it is occurring. The next step is to then define treatment goals. These will focus on not just the pet's needs but also their family's. Finally we need to work towards those goals...


'Modification' is when we are looking to directly address and change the behaviour of concern. We want to create plans that will keep everyone safe and happy, whilst targeting the root cause of the issue not just the behavioural symptoms. Teamwork is key to success, so we will do our best to create a bespoke plan that helps pets and people work together as effectively as possible. 

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What sort of problems can I help with?


Behaviourists help those pets who are struggling with emotional challenges, which make learning new things hard, or simply coping with day to day life difficult. 

Traditional dog training focuses primarily on teaching specific skills, such as loose lead walking, recall, sit etc.

These are all areas we may cover too, but as part of a wider plan.

Common presenting complaints may include:

- Human directed aggression

- Aggression between household pets 

- 'Reactivity' towards other dogs, animals, people, cars etc 

- Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours 

- Separation Related Problems

- Inappropriate Toileting 

- Handling issues (vet care, grooming, harnessing etc) 

- General Fears (noises, people, vehicles, etc)

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What area do I cover?


Remote support (see package options below) is available throughout the UK. 

In person support is provided within 1hr of OX5 (see map below)

Zone 1 includes Oxford, Bicester, Witney, Kidlington and surrounding areas. 

Zone 2 includes Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Reading, Swindon

Daventry, Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. 

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Support Packages & Pricing 


Behavioural assessment and modification can be carried out on a fully remote basis, or a combination of remote and in person sessions. The remote support package was utilised throughout the national lockdown but proved very popular, therefore will continue to be offered. 

Veterinary Referral Is Essential Prior to Consultation.

In Person Behavioural Assessment
& Modification Package 

Initial consultation comprising of a video call (approx. 2hrs) & in person visit (approx. 1hr)

Written assessment and plan within 7 days of consultation

Communication with your primary care vet

nlimited email & text support for 3 months. 

Two 1hr follow up video calls & summary emails 
(within 3 month period)

Price for zone 1 (see map) = £500
Price for zone 2 (see map) = £550

Remote Behavioural Assessment
& Modification Package 

Initial consultation via video call (approx. 3hrs) 

Written assessment and plan within 7 days of consultation

Communication with your primary care vet

nlimited email & text support for 3 months. 

Two 1hr follow up video calls & summary emails 
(within 3 month period)

Available nationwide (UK)

Optional Extras

In Person Coaching Session (1hr) :  Zone 1 = £125 / Zone 2 = £175

Additional follow up video call & summary email: £75 

Additional 30 days support (email/text support + 1hr video call): £100

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Not sure which service you need?

Want to ask some more questions before booking? 

Or maybe you would like to discuss your requirements for private training...

I would recommend booking an enquiry session.

This is a 30-45 min remote meeting to discuss any queries you may have, provide more detail on the process, set some early goals and ensure all parties have realistic expectations. 

These sessions are charged at £25 but this will be deducted from the cost of any services you book in the future. 

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