Behaviour Referral Service

Accepting clinical behaviour referrals within ~1hr drive of OX5 2UQ (map available here) for in person support , or nationwide for remote assessment. 

Primary care vets will receive a copy of the full behavioural report as well as a summary report. Any medical concerns, or discussions regarding medications will include the referring veterinary surgeon. 


In house CPD 

Lunch & Learns, virtual sessions or case reviews.

Topics covered can include anything from low stress handlings to psychopharmacology. 

Staff Training on Appropriate 'Puppy Parties'

Poorly organised 'puppy parties' can cause more harm than good.

Help staff feel confident and prepared. 

Set clear goals, learn how to avoid common pitfalls and ensure everyone has

a positive experience. 

Bespoke Content Creation

Is it time to update your website, client hand outs or puppy pack information?

I can help you provide your clients with professional, scientific and effective advice. 

To discuss your practice's individual needs and to receive a quote please email me at